Our Commitment

CFSM produces high quality silica sand for international customers in the glass, foundry and chemical industries.

We are committed to ensuring our systems and processes produce and deliver world class quality silica sand that continually meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Environmental Policy Statement

Cape Flattery Silica Mines recognises the unique, beautiful and often sensitive environment in which it operates.

With great respect for the land and local community, CFSM continues to take a stable and long-term view of our operations.

This includes minimising the impact of mining and related activities to protect the environment, including through careful management of activities and techniques.

Cape Flattery Silica Mines undertakes ongoing rehabilitation of the land, part of which has been certified by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science and Hopevale Congress.

We work hard to ensure we maintain and manage the land responsibly. This includes maintaining a nursery where we grow and nurture seedlings to enable us to re-plant local fauna as works are completed.

Once we have completed mining activities in an area, we re-plant native fauna and recreate landscapes including reforming small sand dune systems which means it will be able to return to its original state.

Safety and Health Policy Statement

We are committed to a Safety and Health policy that enables all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove (or reduce as low as reasonably practicable) risks to the health, safety and welfare of workers, contractors and authorised visitors.

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ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems Certification